What makes Bentley’s new Bentayga SUV a hit with Hollywood celebrities
What makes Bentley’s new Bentayga SUV a hit with Hollywood celebrities

Bentley has long stood atop the mountain of luxury car brands. Its most recent release, the Bentayga SUV, is making waves in Hollywood, with celebrities and tastemakers alike flocking to the luxury vehicle. Let’s investigate what it is about Bentayga that is attracting people, especially such high-profile folk.

The new model has been embraced by those who demand the best of both worlds—the style and performance of a sports car combined with the versatility of an SUV. From its sleek exterior design to its luxurious interior amenities, here’s what makes Bentley’s Bentayga such a hit with Hollywood celebrities:

The first thing that sets this particular SUV apart from other models on the market is its eye-catching aesthetic appeal. The Bentayga features bold lines, lush curves, and chrome accents, all designed to make it look as stylish as possible without compromising functionality or safety standards. Its aerodynamic bodywork helps reduce drag for better fuel economy while also giving it a more athletic profile than other SUVs in this class.

Inside, passengers are treated to leather upholstery complemented by genuine wood veneers that add warmth and sophistication throughout the cabin area. Alongside these impressive aesthetics comes incomparable power under the hood courtesy of Bentley’s 6-liter twin-turbo V12 engine which produces 600 horsepower at 5500 rpm – enough oomph for even high-profile stars like Justin Bieber or Leonardo DiCaprio! This powerful motor allows drivers to go from 0–60 mph in just 4 seconds flat while providing plenty of torque (900 Nm) during acceleration at any RPM level – perfect for powering through tight turns on narrow winding roads without issue or hesitation.

In addition, advanced driver assistance systems help keep you safe no matter your speed; adaptive cruise control maintains your desired distance between vehicles so you can relax knowing there won’t be any sudden stops. One cannot discount how important comfort levels are when it comes to travel. And here too, Bentley’s air suspension system works alongside active anti-roll bars & dampers allowing drivers to enjoy smooth rides over bumps & dips.

So, what is to question about this new SUV? While the vehicle has some impressive features and specs, there are also some drawbacks that potential buyers should consider before making an investment. One major con when it comes to purchasing a Bentley Bentayga is its price tag. At over $200,000, this luxury SUV certainly isn’t cheap by any means and may be out of reach for many interested customers who don’t have deep pockets up front. The higher trim levels such as the V12 Signature Edition can cost even more with prices reaching close to $300,000.

Another downside related specifically to performance concerns its size – at 5500lbs (2255kg) this vehicle tips scales far heavier than other SUVs in its class, like Range Rover, which weighs around 4500lb (2041kg). This added heft does affect how well the vehicle handles in corners and when transitioning between gears. The all-wheel-drive system provides extra grip but doesn’t help reduce weight significantly, resulting in poorer agility compared to lighter competitors.

The Bentayga is a hit with Hollywood largely because most of Hollywood’s stars don’t worry too much about their bank accounts. With that in mind, the car is uniquely beneficial to someone looking to invest in a slick and luxurious SUV. However, it might not be the go-to for someone looking to get the best bang for their buck.

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